Having travelled extensively to Italy, in my opinion the home of a great cup of coffee, I am a lover of simple but authentic coffee drinks – NO triple thick toffee nut frappaccino with hazelnuts served here!

In my mobile coffee business I am passionate about providing a menu of authentic Italian style coffee and hot chocolate drinks on the go, prepared and served with love and attention to detail. My simple philosophy is if I won’t drink it, I won’t serve it!

I am barista trained and operate from a specialist converted, iconic Italian Piaggio Ape van that is well equipped to provide freshly ground coffee, luxury melting hot chocolate drinks and speciality teas on the go.

Based in the innovative, artisan Altrincham town in South Manchester, from where I drive my Italian coffee van ‘carefully’ to local markets and events within a 25 mile radius.  I am also available for hire – for coffee mornings, corporate events, weddings and any other events within my radius of operation, where providing great coffee and hot chocolate drinks will make people happy. I can also provide a selection of freshly baked cakes and pastries such as croissants, pain chocolate and home made orange and Cointreau polenta cake that are delicious accompaniments to my drinks menu.

Nelo’s coffee is recommended by the Great Food Club – for more information click on the GFC logo below

Private Hire

Nelo’s Coffee Indulgence is available for private hire. If you are planning your wedding, a private party, or a corporate event, I would be delighted to provide you and your guests with great coffee and other beverages tailored to your specific requirements to help make your special day or event memorable.

Our service with indicative costings is as follows:

Tailored to your specific requirements, exclusive hire of my some say cute, iconic Italian Piaggio Ape mobile coffee van and myself as your experienced barista.  I will serve my normal menu of freshly prepared hot drinks in 100% compostable cups to you and your guests on a free vend basis, irrespective of the number of drinks served included in the package cost.

For events in the summer, I will also provide a menu of iced drinks such as iced lattes, cold brew coffee and my special Affogato, including homemade mascarpone ice cream.

At corporate events I can also provide my homemade cantuccini biscotti free of charge, the Italians love to dunk them in their cup of coffee! Just let me know at the time of making the booking.

A typical during of stay at an event after starting up would be up to 3 hours with longer duration events charged at an extra hourly rate.

My van is fully equipped including the necessary services to prepare drinks on site without the need for local mains electricity or water supply. However, if access to local mains supply is available and connection is practical, it can speed up the starting and running of the coffee machine, which is helpful but not essential.

Based in the innovative, artisan Altrincham town in South Manchester, from where I drive my Italian coffee van ‘carefully’ to local markets and events within a 25 mile radius.

Standard Package – £350


  • Extra serving hours at events – £55/hour
  • Breakfast morning events including freshly baked Croissants with homemade preserves, pain chocolate – £2.75/person
  • Coffee and cake events including Julie’s homemade chocolate brownies and/or orange and Cointreau polenta cake (not only great with a cup of coffee but also gluten free) £2.75/person
  • At events where there is already an alcohol licence and permission given by the event site owner to serve extra alcoholic drinks, I can also serve espresso martinis including extra smooth Black Cow vodka distilled in Dorset and served in disposable martini glasses – £4.50/drink served

Brilliant Service

“John from Nelo’s Coffee Indulgence was punctual, polite and serves damn good coffee! All the guests at my company event commented on the fantastic quality, taste and service. I would highly recommend Nelo’s Coffee Indulgence.”

Rachel M from Outform

Awesome in every way!

“Mobile barista John was the star of the show at my private event. Quality drinks, friendly manner, professional approach. I would recommend John and his mobile coffee bar without reservation.”

Fae B

“Nelo’s coffee …. what can l say, fabulous, gorgeous, amazing, all of these and more. Thank you John for bringing your lovely little coffee vehicle to our event in Nottingham. It was outdoors, in woodland and just perfect. John is such a friendly character and joined in the fun and celebrations. The coffee and hot chocolate are first class. Thank you so much John for helping to make the day one to remember. Wish you could travel to us in West Yorkshire.”

Jean K

What makes a great coffee?

In my opinion you have to be a coffee lover to make great coffee; it comes with the passion for this great beverage – life is too short to suffer a bad cup of coffee! Therefore well engineered equipment and barista training of how to make proper coffee drinks together with love and attention to detail will turn a good coffee into a great one.

Wherever possible I use ingredients with provenance including locally roasted 100% Arabica coffee from Stewarts of Trent Bridge – small batch artisan roasters started in 1984 by Stewart Falconer and continue roasting today with a similar approach to roasting great coffee in the Sneinton market area of Nottingham.

I have used this local roaster for my coffee at home for many years and my house blend is their Sunset espresso, which is a 50/50 blend of ‘fairly traded’ beans from Brazil to provide strength and body to ensure coffee flavour is maintained even through milk based drinks and from Honduras to provide refreshing citrus notes to the coffee taste. I know that you will enjoy this coffee as much as I do.

Hot chocolate too

Coffee and chocolate are great friends and I also serve fantastic luxury hot chocolate drinks using melting chocolate flakes (absolutely not powder from a tin) supplied by the family business of Marimba.

A single bar of chocolate in every cup creates a rich, smooth and indulgent hot chocolate experience from flakes of real single origin milk chocolate, made from Criollo and Trinitario cocoa beans from Venezuela with 43% cocoa solids or punchy dark chocolate made from Nacional cocoa beans from Ecuador with 71% cocoa solids.

Also Tea

Although primarily a coffee bar, for those who prefer their caffeine intake by tea, I serve a very nice range of vintage teas.



A longer drink of double espresso diluted with hot water.



This drink did not originate in Italy but is popular in this country for those who prefer a longer coffee/milk drink that is a bit less intense than a cappuccino. It is generally prepared with one third espresso coffee and two thirds steamed milk, topped with milk foam.



Espresso coffee with chocolate/hazelnut cream with a splash of milk foam. (A short drink in the coffee bars of Milan and Turin – I tend to serve it a little longer or as preferred).



Espresso coffee, hot chocolate with steamed milk.



An espresso coffee with equal amounts of steamed milk and milk foam. I believe in preparing a predominantly coffee flavoured drink diluted with some steamed milk and NOT a bucket of hot milk with no discernible coffee flavour!



Originating from Spain and is an espresso coffee with an equal quantity of steamed milk.



Just a double shot of great coffee with a perfect crema on the top.



Espresso coffee with a splash of milk foam.



Probably originating from Australasia and is best described as a more intense coffee flavoured cappuccino. It is prepared with espresso coffee and just the denser micro foam of steamed milk, served in an 8oz cup.



Brewed cold for 24 hours using single origin coffee from Papua New Guinea supplied by Stewarts of Trent Bridge and served over ice with a slice of orange



Freshly brewed double shot of espresso coffee poured over ice cold milk. A dairy free version is also available called Caffe Leccese, which is drunk on warms days in the lovely Italian town of Lecce in Puglia. It is served with Almond milk and a dash of Amareto syrup



Swiss water extraction method – 100% taste, 0% caffeine.



Real single origin milk or dark chocolate flakes with steamed milk that makes a luxurious hot chocolate drink. Served with complimentary marshmallows if preferred. Also and iced version called chocolate Rocher, where the melted chocolate is poured over cold fun fat milk or coconut milk with a dash of hazelnut syrup – almost a liquid ice cold Bountry bar!



(Italian literal translation is ‘drowned’). In warmer months I have available a scoop of homemade mascarpone ice cream with hot espresso coffee poured over – indulgent!



Although primarily a coffee bar, for those who prefer their caffeine intake by tea, I serve a very nice range of vintage teas. In addition I have a very nice organic black tea with Sicilian lemon served over ice and a slice of lemon – very refreshing on warm days



I always carry dairy free alternatives such as almond, coconut and oat milk.